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We are the master storytellers. We believe that behind every business, every organization, there are stories. Stories involving real humans. Those stories and people are what make your business unique and customers come back for more.

As a “people-first” kind of agency, we help you build your brand around your own authentic self, in order to avoid any inconsistency in your image and message.

Whether it’s through a brand assessment, marketing plan, content analysis report or one-on-one consultation, we start by assessing where you stand.

As the master storytellers, we also develop impactful content for your website and marketing materials. Stories, services descriptions, blogs, social media posts, advertorials, complementary graphic design, photography, if it has to do with your image and message, we can help.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

Let’s share it with the world.


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Putting people first


We’re a boutique marketing agency who likes to do things the right way. This means that we take our time to understand your needs and propose solutions that are tailored to you. It also means including you along the journey so you can share your thoughts.

Beyond storytelling and marketing, we provide complementary services to help you shape who you are as an organization and how you operate at the core, such as facilitation, policy work and grant writing.

Our clients come from a wide array of sectors. We like to think that we’re a flexible bunch but we don’t pretend to be experts in all fields. 

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The way we see it, no business is the same and that’s for the better. Each has quirks that make it unique. We customize every proposal based on assessed needs & budget, and always provide options.

We primarily work in Ottawa and Montreal (and everywhere in-between!). But thanks to technology, geography is no longer an obstacle to collaboration! 

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Our approach

To tell your story, we’ll start by backtracking. How did you get here? Then, we’ll assess where you stand as we speak. What’s your focus at the moment and how are you doing?  Finally, we’ll look at your vision. What are your plans, where do you want to go? 

Mix it all up and you get a full storyline, made up of satisfied customers, community engagement, hard-working staff and visionary products & services.

The beauty is that your story can be told in many ways. We can create a series of short stories. We can combine methods like written words, video, photography and live experiences. And to increase your reach and provide maximum exposure, we can use these across multiple channels



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