Genevieve Gazaille, Founder

People-Focused Communications

Genevieve founded The Storyteller out of an observation that it’s not easy for organizations to find their way and to really understand who they are as an entity.

Having worked along small business owners and non-profit organizations, she came to realize that this lack of identity affects their capacity to market themselves and their business as a whole, with no clear direction ahead of them.

Having spent more than 10 years working along community builders, business owners, producers and artisans, it struck her that the stories of these people and their journey told while chitchatting were fascinating and should be used to their advantage. The Storyteller came to life out of a passion for hearing and relaying people’s stories and a desire to help organizations find their way and build their brand.

To bring your project to fruition, Genevieve can count on a team of talented individuals who bring their expertise to create people-focused communications based on your specific needs as an organization, your line of work and the project itself.

Our areas of expertise

We consider ourselves to be a flexible bunch. But we’ve identified 5 areas of expertise where we feel our extensive experience can go a long way.

Food & Food Systems

Whether you’re a producer, a restaurateur, a farmers’ market or a retailer, The Storyteller has you covered. Thanks to our extensive experience, we’ll help you develop your brand and the tools you need to stand out.

We also work with institutions looking for guidance and support in developing food policies and programs (healthy school food, food literacy, local food procurement, etc.)


Community-Based Services

A lot of organizations do amazing work in our communities. But they have such important mandates to fill, they don’t always have time to showcase the good work they are doing. 

Problem is, it’s by showing off that good work that volunteers, donors and funders want to support, and that potential clients find out about the services. Often, all it takes is a basic website, a brochure, a simple social media strategy and a bit of translation.

Health & Wellbeing

Health is important but it’s not always easy to position your business. Health & fitness clubs, nutritionists, massage therapists, yoga studios and naturopaths are all example of small businesses we can help increase their visibility and gain new clients. Think about it; which other sector could require more people-focused communications than this one?

Sports organizations, clubs and associations can also benefit from our services thanks to our dedicated sports writer and storyteller.


Tourism & Leisure

Now more than ever, travel, tourism and leisure are all about experiences. People want to try new things, always pushing for bigger and better.

Storytelling has become a vital marketing tool for the hospitality industry who wants to be heard through the noise, whether it’s showcasing the amenities of a hotel, an edgy menu or secret finds in the city.



Homes & Decor

Buying a home is an important step in people’s lives so real estate brokers and developers can count on many happy-ending stories to fill their portfolios and can make good use of people-focused communications.

As we love beautiful things and have worked with artisans & makers, our services are also a good fit for home stagers, designers and architect firms. 

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