Brand your business by telling your story

From the beginning… but not ’til the end!

At The Storyteller, our role is to help you brand your business by telling your own unique story in a compelling way so that it resonates with people.

In a world where human interactions are no longer the norm, people easily recognize great customer service when they experience it and want to support those organizations they feel they have the most in common with.

You probably have an amazing story but may not know how to show it off. Or maybe you don’t even know you have one! This may well be what makes people come through your door in the first place, and what will remind them to keep coming back for more.

It’s not just about your story but how you tell it. You want people from different horizons to be able to feel a connection with your brand. The good news is, with the right words and imagery, the same story can be told in different ways and therefore adapt to different audiences. 

Like it or not, social media and other online tools have become cost-effective staples of any marketing plan but we know that still today, not everyone uses the Internet so that’s why we’ll incorporate some offline components in your strategy. Events, advertising, brochures, blogs, video, the possibilities are endless. 

We founded The Storyteller to help organizations big or small tell not only their (his)story but also the stories of their people, of their products and of their services. We want to help you grow and give you the tools you need so that you never have to reach… the end!






Professional Services

Getting to know our customers is important to us. Not only does storytelling need to be genuine to be efficient but this is what we stand by.

We believe that strong and lasting relationships come with respect and honesty, and this is what guides us in our relationships with our customers.

We like to think that at the end of the day, you not only will have received great service and have been able to brand your business, but you will have increased customer satisfaction through positive and authentic messaging.

Value-Based Solutions

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority and although we feel like handing over your entire project – whether big or small – will get you the most value, we are flexible.

You can hire us to deliver a single product, we can develop a campaign that you can choose to let us manage or manage yourself, or we can develop your brand and messaging from scratch.

And sometimes, you just need a bit of advice or a few hours of relief. For these little one-off tasks, we offer pre-paid hourly-based packages.

How it works

We believe we use a fair and honest process when it comes to providing quotes to clients by:

  1. Establishing your needs based on discussion & assessment
  2. Whenever possible, providing different options and price points
  3. Proposing solutions that really meet your objectives and provide value
  4. Incorporating the option of a retainer fee should you want to get the support you need when you need it once the project is over.



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