Our Story

As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to do things the “right” way – with integrity and honesty.

But it was only 15 years into my career in communication that it occurred to me that all this time, I had been on a journey to make the world a better place.

All along, I had been helping others share their story – to raise awareness for their cause, improve their positioning, advocate, inform, inspire, unite or communicate their vision more efficiently.

Today, I know that my mission – and The Storyteller’s – is to support, advise, uplift and tell the tale of those businesses and organizations that aim to communicate in a more inclusive, sustainable and equitable manner while striving to generate positive impact for society.


Geneviève Gazaille
Chief Storyteller

We help purpose-driven businesses and organizations leverage their story to communicate more authentically and efficiently.

At The Storyteller, we believe that stories make the world go ‘round. They allow us to connect, to understand and memorize tricky concepts, to relay emotions and to bond over mutual interests. Stories remind us of what was and what could be. They make us laugh, cry or even angry.

They remind us of our humanity.

We stand for...

As value-driven creatives, we work with like-minded entrepreneurs and organizations who believe they have something of value to contribute to the world and want their messaging and marketing to reflect that.






Social responsibility


Freedom of thought

“The Storyteller came to life out of a passion for hearing and relaying people’s stories and a desire to help them build ethical, human-focused brands that bring people together.”