Case Study

Danou Charette Woodworker

Danou Charette is a Gatineau-based sustainable woodworker that uses the wood of dead or sick trees to design and create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are sold on his website or by custom orders.

Danou first called upon us for our storytelling expertise back in 2019. Since then, The Storyteller has become Danou’s main marketing advisor and service provider, supplying digital and content marketing, one-to-one coaching, as well as graphic design.

Read on for our Danou Charette Case Study.


When he first approached The Storyteller, Danou Charette had been in business for only a short while, looking for a bit of help to tell his story in a clearer and more inspiring way to better connect with his website visitors.

After benefiting from our advice and seeing how much he could gain from collaborating with marketing specialists, he has since moved on to yearly contracts through which we work hand-in-hand to increase brand awareness, engagement and sales.


As a creative, Danou always has tons of new ideas, and our role is to help him focus on those that make the most sense while lending our expertise to actually make those projects happen.

Since our initial storytelling mandate, we’ve been working in a collaborative way with Danou, establishing yearly and quarterly goals and developing strategies to better respond to these objectives.

Over time, we’ve re-written his website copy, suggesting ways to make it more user-friendly and responsive to search engines. We’ve created numerous blog posts, launched a newsletter and created automations. We’ve reinforced his social media presence, and have  improved the design and efficience of his new e-commerce website thanks to our partnership with website specialist Jen Feeny. We’ve also developed a series of tools to generate more leads, convert more prospects and improve the overall customer journey.


When working with Danou, we always strive to make things as simple as possible and to remove a bit of weight from his shoulders understanding that as an artisan and solopreneur, he has no time to waste.

By checking in regularly, we are always aware of what is going on in his business, which allows us to provide useful and tangible advice that can be quickly put into action.

And while the solutions we provide aim to generate greater impact without adding to the workload, we always keep an eye on the bigger picture – what would be the next logical step given the owner’s vision and current market trends. 

All in all, Danou has not only saved time and acquired more efficient processes, he’s improved his messaging, increased his social media engagement and his conversion rate and even tripled his sales in his first year of working with us.

Our Two Cents

Being part of our clients’ journeys and collaborating with them each step of the way makes for a more efficient process and better results. We can advise them in real time without them even asking for it, anticipating their needs before they even formulate them in their head, and we can make improvements as we go, in a very fluid way in comparison to a “stop and go” approach.

Obviously, working with clients that share the same values is also very helpful, and makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable and fun. We can put ourselves in our clients’ shoes with more ease and therefore better represent what they stand for.

It’s not always easy to find the words to share our big ‘why’ and to tell our story but The Storyteller does it very well. I really enjoy their way of doing things and I’m very happy to be working with them. Thanks again!

Danou Charette

Sustainable woodworker

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