For Solopreneurs

Running a business on your own is hard – so many things to do with so little time!

But you know that a solid and memorable brand can make your business, and that to achieve this, you need to show up and engage consistently. You know that you need to elevate yourself above the mass, demonstrate your savoir-faire and reveal a bit of your personality to attract the right people:


Those who are committed to working with you

Those who respect and value your work

Those who will transform into raving fans

You know that no matter your skill or comfort level, focusing on what you do best and delegating the rest makes good business sense.

You know that finding the right allies to support you in areas where you cannot fully commit can make a world of difference between an ‘ok’ business and a prosperous one.

Whether you call yourself a sole proprietor, a solopreneur, a licensed professional, a maker, a producer, or anything else for that matter, doesn’t change anything for us.

As your strategic messaging ally, we help you find your true essence and advise you on the best ways to communicate it consistently, efficiently, and with integrity.

We brainstorm with you, determine communication strategies for you, identify proper messaging based on your business goals, create impactful content and disseminate it to your audience on your behalf.

Coaching & Advising

Need feedback on your upcoming presentation? Training on Mailchimp or LinkedIn? Advice on your promotional strategy? Or just someone to brainstorm with? Together, we’ll find answers to your questions and you’ll come out of each session with clarity and tools to support you in your decision-making process.

Starting at $100 / hour


Need a bio to catch your clients’ attention online and off? Whether it’s for your social media profiles, an upcoming event you’ll be speaking at, your website, a proposal or anything else, let us tell your story!

Give people an opportunity to get to know you and discover the story behind your business to build rapport and gain clients who’ll keep coming back for more. We’ll adapt the length and style to your needs while showcasing your personality and expertise to make it easy for prospects to choose YOU!

Starting at $500

Content & Email Marketing

Content Marketing is about leveraging online content for your business, to engage with your audience, establish your credibility, educate, inform, entertain and give people a glimpse of your personality.

Whether you are looking for a social media strategy to implement yourself, an ongoing social media manager, someone to develop your newsletter on a weekly or monthly basis or a ghostwriter to write blog posts on your behalf, we do all of these things!

Starting at $600


Are you struggling to come up with, clear, relevant and compelling written content for your website? Has your web developer been waiting on you for months to launch what was supposed to be a game changer for your business? Do you find that your website could bring in more leads?

The Storyteller can assist you with a variety of copywriting needs, and if you’re also looking for design support, we can also hook you up!

Pricing by project

We work with businesses and organizations of various sizes and sectors but our expertise is with the following industries:

Farming & Agriculture

House, Homes & Real Estate

Licensed Professionals

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure

Health & Wellness

Associations & Non-Profits


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