Can you identify organizations that use storytelling to share their essence and their identity? 

There are more than you think! Some brands share profiles of their team members on their website, and others create articles and podcasts highlighting personalities who are making a difference, for a cause they care about, for example. Some organizations decide to use storytelling in all areas of their communication strategy, while others use it for one-off campaigns. 

In a society where visibility opportunities are plentiful and consumers are bombarded from all over, sharing your story allows you to refresh your brand image and make it more human while opening a dialogue with your target audience.

Instinctively, in our personal lives, we surround ourselves with people who share the same values or interests. The same applies to the companies and organizations that we support or from which we buy on a daily basis; customers choose and remain loyal to brands with which they identify and whose values they share. 

From a clothing brand to a college and a tourist destination, be inspired by these five companies that are leading the way in storytelling! 


1. Patagonia 

This brand of outdoor clothing and equipment has decided to put corporate social responsibility at the heart of its mission. In 2018, the company even changed its mission to “We’re in business to save our home planet” while positioning itself as an activist and nature conservation organization. 

True to this new mission, the brand uses storytelling to shed some light on its commitment. With several initiatives already underway, Patagonia also recently launched its Working Knowledge campaign. This storytelling campaign, in the form of short films, shares the perspective of people around the world on topics such as the relationship between humans and the environment, activism, and outdoor sport. 


2. Simons 

This Canadian company specializes in the sale of clothing and home decor. Interestingly, this 150+ year old company believes that art is what allows to cultivate creativity in society. Simons thus uses storytelling to convey this vision on its platforms.

“Each visit is unique”

Each Simons location in Canada is a unique work of art, either through architecture, design or visual art. The company dedicates a page on its website to the story behind the choice of each artwork – its meaning, artist, and location. 

Everyone has a story that is likely to make history

Simons has created its Fabrique 1840 platform to encourage the local purchase of modern art objects.  

The company uses storytelling to create a personalized profile of each artisan. These profiles make it possible to highlight the artisans, their passions, and their know-how more than the product itself. 


3. Breakfast Club of Canada

Since 2019, The Storyteller has had the chance to collaborate with the communications department of Breakfast Club of Canada on storytelling and copywriting projects. 

In an effort to humanize the organization and increase awareness of its management team, interviews were conducted with all members of senior management. Following these interviews, profiles were created for each of them in order to let people find out about their skills and motivations. These are published on the organization’s website and are used at conferences.  


4. Collège La Cité

In collaboration with The Storyteller, this Ontario college of applied arts and technology created the blog post series We all have a story (« On a tous une histoire ») on its Iddeo blog. 

Highlighting commitment, success, and innovation, it features stories of graduates, donors and employees who have crossed path with La Cité at some point in their lives. The series takes us through different perspectives and allows us to see the positive impact of education on a person’s life and career. 


5. The faces of Mont-Orford

Now, picture yourself in the winter landscape of the Mont-Orford ski resort in Quebec. 

Wanting to showcase the loyal skiers and snowboarders who have been going to Mont-Orford for years and to give them a voice, the tourism-focused business launched The Faces of Mont-Orford, through which we discover the journeys of local snow enthusiasts. In the form of a fun Q&A, we are told about their favorite trails and slopes, their best memories, the type of subscription they prefer as well as their tips for people who have never skied at Mount Orford. 

The diversity of people interviewed allows for everyone to find a profile with whom they identify. 

The use of storytelling offers multiple advantages for a brand. This approach remains accessible, regardless of organizational size or resources. Why? Because everyone has a story to tell. You just have to find the right words and the right angle

Do you want to integrate storytelling into your communication strategy? Let’s discuss it over a virtual coffee! 

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