Services For Organizations

Whether you represent a for-profit or a not-for-profit organization, you may not be in a position to advocate, promote and market your organization, products, services, programs, jobs or volunteer opportunities in-house.

You may not have staff dedicated to communications and marketing and would like ongoing or project-based support

You may have staff to handle day-to-day communications but require the specific skills set of copywriters, storytellers and content marketers

You are looking for someone to bounce off ideas, for advice and coaching, to help you strategize or to develop an internal or external communication strategy

You want to work with consultants who understand your organization’s vision of impact, innovation or social change and the legacy it is developing for future generations

Coaching & Advising

Need advice on your upcoming presentation or a second pair of eyes for your promotional strategy? Coaching for your staff? Or just someone to brainstorm with? Together, we’ll find answers to your questions, and each session will be as an opportunity to support your decision-making process, gain insight into your organization and discover new tools to support your work.

Starting at $100 / hour

Speaking, Facilitation & Training

Giving your people an opportunity to keep up with the latest marketing trends is a great way to contribute to their overall satisfaction and maintain productivity.

The Storyteller offers a variety of professional development opportunities that range from one-to-one training, to small group interactive workshops or brainstorming sessions, to keynote types of address.

Choose from our readily-available options or let us work develop a curriculum that suits your needs!

Content & Email Marketing

Content Marketing is about leveraging online content for your business or non-profit, to engage with your audiences, establish your credibility, educate, inform, entertain and give people a glimpse of your brand personality.

Whether you are looking for someone to develop a social media strategy, create content for your different platforms and manage them, to write your internal and external newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis or to act as a ghostwriter for your blog, we do all of these things!

Starting at $600

Copywriting & Content Writing

Do you find you could use clearer, more compelling, more relevant messaging and content on your communication tools? Do you think that your website could bring in more leads, more sales, more applications, more donations?

The Storyteller can assist you with various content writing options, such as websites, policies, grant applications, annual reports, advertorials, and any other sort of copy-related needs, as well as associated graphic design.

Planning & Strategy

At The Storyteller, everything we do starts with an assessment. We use a human-centered approach, whether we’re working on an external marketing strategy or corporate/internal communication tools.

Because no matter our line of business or our mandate, we do what we do as humans and for humans, whether that is ourselves, our families or society at large.

Marketing for the sake of marketing like we used to do it doesn’t mean anything. We’re past that. It’s about being intentional, delivering value and truly benefiting people.

We work with businesses and organizations of various sizes and sectors but our expertise is with the following industries:

Farming & Agriculture

House, Homes & Real Estate

Licensed Professionals

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure

Health & Wellness

Associations & Non-Profits


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