Purpose-Driven Organizations

The Storyteller is a strategic ally that shares the values and understands the vision of purpose-driven organizations like yours.

Internal and External Communication Strategies

Awareness and Fundraising Campaigns

HR Marketing & Retention Tools

Training & Facilitation

Coaching & Strategic Advising

Sustainable & Socially-Conscious Marketing

Content Creation (social media, blogs, newsletters)

Copywriting & Storytelling

Graphic and Web Design

Translation & Revision

Audits, Strategies & Campaigns

At The Storyteller, everything starts with an audit, as well as a strategy, whether it’s for your internal or your external communications.

Though it’s possible to strictly contract us to get external insight on your existing communication processes and mechanisms or recommendations on what to do next, all of our services contain some level of assessment and strategizing as we feel it’s important to analyze and plan properly before jumping to conclusion and moving into action.

Copywriting & Storytelling

Do you think your message and content could be clearer, more engaging and more inclusive? Do you think that your website could bring in more leads, more sales, more applications, more donations? Would you like to adopt an encompassing storytelling strategy?

The Storyteller can assist you with various content writing options, such as profiles, stories, grant applications, web contents, job descriptions, annual reports, advertorials, and any other sort of copy-related needs, as well as associated web and graphic design.

We also offer storytelling packages, including the Brand Story Takeover and the Brand Story Journey!

Content & Email Marketing

Content marketing is about leveraging online content for your business or non-profit, to engage with your audiences, establish your credibility, educate, inform, entertain and give people a glimpse of your brand personality.

Whether you are looking for someone to feed your social media accounts, create and manage your internal and external newsletters, or act as a ghostwriter for your blog, we do all of these things!

Facilitation & Training

Giving your people an opportunity to keep up with the latest storytelling trends and to learn more about sustainable and socially-responsible marketing is a great way to contribute to their overall satisfaction and maintain productivity.

The Storyteller offers a variety of professional development opportunities including one-to-one training, small group workshops and webinars, as well as facilitation and graphic facilitation services.

Coaching & Advising

Need advice on an upcoming presentation or interview, a second pair of eyes on a new awareness campaign or coaching for your staff? 

Together, we’ll find answers to your questions, and each session will be an opportunity to support your decision-making process and discover new tools to guide your work.

We work with socially-conscious businesses and organizations of various sizes and sectors that share a desire to generate a positive impact on society.


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