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We find the strategies and words to inspire and impact.
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Sustainable marketing


Our clients come to us looking for advice, strategies and messaging to communicate their vision and impact consistently, responsibly and with integrity.


We are brand strategists

We develop ethical, human-focused and sustainable marketing strategies that demonstrate your engagement.


We are trustworthy advisors

We provide coaching, advising and empowering learning opportunities to improve your communication know-how.


We are master storytellers

We create engaging campaigns, tools and content that tell your story and showcase impact.


We are bilingual (hello, Canada!)

Not only do we work in both English and French, we also understand the intricacies of evolving in a multicultural environment.



The Storyteller was extraordinary in its performance of writing a grant for Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation. It was able to compile data and information from a variety of sources to complete a very sophisticated and complex application. Genevieve showed great initiative and asked all of the right questions in order to find the answers. She is articulate and able to write a great story!!!! Aside from all of her technical skills, she also has a great personality which allows her to bring people on side to help in her process of writing the best document possible.

Neil Leslie

As a storyteller myself, I know the value of getting someone else’s perspective on what I offer to the world. That’s why I jumped at the chance to get Genevieve to write my story. We started with an interview where Genevieve asked thought-provoking questions that got me thinking deeply about my business. She then worked with me to tell my story in a way that reflects my personality and brand identity. In the process, she provided incredible insights
about how other people relate to my journey and how I provide value to others. What a great experience!

Alex Keenan

The Storyteller team have been providing quality, accurate and prompt translation services for our retirement residence. I would highly recommend them as they are easy to work with and extremely reliable and professional.

Louise Hague

A significant part of developing a loyal customer base is developing a better appreciation for your brand. I hired The Storyteller for that purpose. I was impressed by the care and thoughtfulness that went into their assessment, the multiple strategies that they offered me to choose from giving me the flexibility to market on a variety of platforms. Their campaign didn’t just attract new followers, more importantly, in my view, it kept them coming back wanting to know more.

Michael Milsom

Some of our clients

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