You know that when done consistently, a memorable AND authentic brand can make a small business that much more successful.

You know that you need to reveal your essence and demonstrate your savoir-faire to attract the people who value your work.

You know that working with the the right allies can make a world of difference between an ‘ok’ business and a prosperous one.

Our services aim to shed light on your impact and strengthen the positioning of your small business in a responsible, socially-conscious and ethical way.

We brainstorm with you, develop communication strategies for you, and through the right channels and tools, we create impactful campaigns that we disseminate to your internal and external audiences.

As your strategic messaging ally, we help you find your voice and advise you on the best ways to communicate your essence efficiently and with integrity.

Coaching & Advising

Need an ally to discuss your communication and marketing challenges as they emerge? Help to prepare an upcoming conference or understand how to showcase diversity? Or advice on a more accessible and better performing website?

Whether it’s a series of consultations or an action plan, together, we’ll find answers to your questions to make you feel more confident when it comes to your marketing decisions.


Give people an opportunity to get to know you and your amazing business! You’ll build trust and generate engagement that will translate into positive impact on your sales and employer brand. 

If you’re a wordsmith and need to catch people’s attention, try out the Brand Story Activator in which we’ll work together to identify the key essentials of your journey and give you the tools to craft your own story.

Wanna go one step further and integrate storytelling to your marketing strategy in a more comprehensive manner? The  Brand Story Bible is for you!

Now, if you’d like us to set up all of the basics, then the Brand Story Takeover is what you want.

And if you’re ready to take on the world and really see what The Storyteller can do for you, consider the Brand Story Journey

Content & Email Marketing

Content marketing is about leveraging online content to engage with your audience, establish your credibility, educate, inform, entertain and give people a glimpse of your personality.

Whether you want to connect with your clients weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, our packages allow you to delegate all of your content marketing needs, including your lead magnet, welcome sequence, newsletter, blog and social media channels.


Are you looking for a simple, accessible and impactful website that includes everything, not just the design but also the copy and the images?

Then you’re in luck! Forget about doing things piecemeal and transforming yourself in a marketing expert and a copywriter while your web developer is waiting!

Not only do we remove all of the pain points associated with building a new website, our approach allows us to eliminate the delays that traditionally accompany such projects and to deliver your website in a matter of weeks!

We work with socially-conscious businesses and organizations of various sizes and sectors that share a desire to generate a positive impact on society.


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