Case Study


Synapcity is an awesome Ottawa-based non-profit organization that has been working with The Storyteller since 2018. Synapcity aims to bring people and institutions together to give them the tools to make Ottawa more beautiful, more diverse and more prosperous for all. 

Over time, The Storyteller has contributed in different capacities, facilitating public engagement activities, developing outreach campaigns and building and managing different communication tools. 

Read on for our Synapcity Case Study.


In its 10+ years of existence, Synapcity has faced its fair share of ups and downs but was always able to come out stronger. Time has shown that Synapcity is here to stay and provides value to Ottawa and its different stakeholders by filling a void and offering quality services. To this day, the organization continues to benefit from remarkable support, appreciation and loyalty from the community, its alumni and its partners.

Synapcity has come to realize that these relationships constitute its greatest asset and that maintaining open communication channels is the way to go, no matter the circumstances.

After getting to know The Storyteller through an initial facilitation contract meant to support the organization in delivering its signature program, Civics Boot Camp, as well as a variety of community and public engagement sessions through partnerships with other Ottawa organizations, it eventually turned to the Storyteller to address its communication and marketing capacity.


As a values-driven service provider, The Storyteller was first hired to develop an outreach campaign for a new program to be launched in early 2020. The Storyteller has been advising the organization and managing its communications since then, and recently built a new website in collaboration with website specialist Jen Feeny.

For quite some time, the website had been obsolete. Initially designed to host often time-sensitive messaging, it had been highly customized, making the updating process increasingly difficult due to a lack of time and know-how from the different team members assigned to the task over time. The website contained important quantities of outdated content, broken links and hidden pages, and was seldomly updated, therefore no longer serving its purpose to inform Synapcity’s key audiences.

Synapcity entrusted us with a turnkey project where all aspects were handled by us – the strategy, the entire coordination, the design, the layout and structure, and all of the content (copywriting and image selection).


Taking into consideration the team’s capacity and current methods as well as the evolving nature of the organization, The Storyteller favoured a realistic approach calling upon industry best practices for the website to be a practical and useful tool from the very launch.

After clarifying the main audience of the website, doing some benchmarking work and evaluating potential users’ online habits, The Storyteller created a simple, user-friendly, responsive WordPress website that the client can now easily update, with the help of an instructional video and an easy-to-use builder. The client’s short- and medium-term needs were addressed thanks to a multifunctional and adaptive format and the use of relevant plug-ins.

The client was provided with timelines ahead of the start, asked for feedback at key points of the process and always kept abreast of progress. The website was delivered and launched in a matter of weeks, on time and on budget.

Our Two Cents

Very few companies offer such complete website packages, which makes our combined offering such a valuable, smart, and worthwhile option for organizations and businesses.

Our work with Synapcity is a clear demonstration that long term agency-client relationships create the best synergies. It allows us to become true experts of your organization, to gain such an understanding of your mission, philosophy and processes that everything flows naturally, with little intervention required on your end, and successful results.

I’d strongly recommend The Storyteller as a first point of contact for your communications and digital marketing – they excel as a consultative voice. They’ll be able to give you a clear strategic roadmap and even take charge of it if that’s what you wish.

Nicholas Harrison

Board Member, Synapcity

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