Every week, people ask me “what the hell is storytelling?! “. To which I usually reply that it’s the idea of showcasing the people behind their organization for promotional purposes.

But what I realized is that what they are actually asking me is “why should I tell my story – what’s the point?”

The point is that nowadays, when we buy something – whether it’s a product or service – , we buy a PERSON and what he/she/they represents, whether it’s an employee, the leader or even a person seen in an ad campaign.

Think about it.

Have you ever wanted to buy a car only to realize the salesperson was getting on your nerves? Have you purchased insurance out of the blue after thinking about it for years simply because you met the right person? Have you contracted someone just because your sister-in-law referred you to that person?

Chances are that you have.


Because it’s normal, it’s HUMAN!

It’s human to go towards people with whom we have something in common.

It’s human to trust our peers’ recommendations.

It’s human to want to encourage those we appreciate.

It’s human to trust those with whom we’ve exchanged and those we’ve gotten to know.

It’s human to support those whose journey we’ve come to appreciate.

But if you never converse with your clients, don’t present yourself for who you are or insist on formality for the sake of professionalism, or if you never share with your clients, how do you think people will want to encourage you? How do you think they will come to trust you?

Failing to expose yourself to your target audiences, whether internal or external, can have one of two consequences:

  1. People don’t have an opinion on your business
  2. People have an opinion based on their impressions, perceptions, experiences and on things they heard that may not be accurate.

If being qualified used to be enough to differentiate yourself, it no longer is the case today. The world is full of competent entrepreneurs who offer the same thing as you.

What’s left?

Yourself. Your story. Your values.

Today, that’s what makes a difference and that’s what people look for when making their purchasing decisions.

Your story = your unique selling proposition (USP)

Telling your story and your business’ is an opportunity to present and promote yourself. To stand out from the crowd. To be seen and heard.

It’s a golden opportunity to shine and to remind your audience of your existence.

It allows you to share information that is harder to include in tag lines, ads or daily updates but is nonetheless important.

Anecdotes and real-life examples can also be exploited to talk about your experience and showcase the expertise of your business.

And beyond your story as the founder or owner lies the story of your employees. Of your partners. And even of your clients.

Storytelling is a tool to highlight your organization’s credibility AND to celebrate other people’s contributions. You can praise their good work, show them in action or simply present them as the individuals that they are.

Whether you share your story on your website, your social media, your printed materials, at conferences or during networking sessions, there are many options to present yourself and tools to use to do so.

Wondering how storytelling can help your business? Contact us to discuss your options and find out more about our services. 

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